Aubrey Lee Price

Aubrey Lee Price

AKA: Lee Price

Born: July 31, 1966

Nationality: American

Position: Founder, PFG, LLC / Director, Montgomery Bank & Trust

Crime: Aubrey Lee Price began as a devout Christian minister who got involved in the investment business to help fund his mission efforts overseas. He eventually became a trusted financial advisor and worked for two well-known investment firms and later started his own company, PFG. Price made risky investments and through investors and banks gained access to more than $21 million and lost over $16 million. In 2012, when Price knew his scheme was collapsing, he faked his suicide by leaving notes to friends and family saying he was going to throw himself off a boat in Key West, FL. Instead, Price fled to Mexico, and later returned to Florida where he grew and sold marijuana and other drugs, and served as a bodyguard to prostitutes.
Losses: Over $70 million and the collapse of a federally insured bank. Many of his victims were personal friends from Georgia, and even members of his church congregation.

Charges/Sentencing: After more than a year of searching for Price, he was arrested on December 31, 2013 after he presented a false ID during a routine traffic stop in Brunswick, GA. He was sentenced October 28, 2014 in Statesboro federal court to 30 years in federal prison for bank fraud, embezzlement and other crimes related to his Ponzi scheme.