Investor Claims & Stockbroker Fraud

When investors lose big in the stock market, oftentimes they assume it was due to bad luck, or that nobody is responsible and nothing can be done after the fact. This assumption may even be encouraged by the financial and investment professionals you trusted with your investments. Sometimes they are right, but sometimes the losses can be attributed to bad or negligent investment advice, inattention or even fraud.  We represent people victimized by various types of broker misconduct and negligence in connection with misrepresentation, unsuitable recommendations, excessive trading, churning, breach of fiduciary duty, and many other types of investor claims which you may have fallen victim to.

Outside of the wide range of broker misconduct and negligence claims we represent, ChapmanAlbin also specializes in various investor products such as Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), as well as Early Retirement Accounts / Rule 72(c).

When the loss is large and the stakes are high, investors should test their assumptions by getting a second opinion from a disinterested and highly-qualified source. Since 1998, investors have been turning to the stockbroker fraud lawyers at ChapmanAlbin for this purpose.

ChapmanAlbin is a Cleveland Ohio-based law firm with a nationwide practice representing investors. The firm has represented over 1,000 investors in the last 20 years and has recovered tens of millions in losses. Our attorneys have substantial experience representing investors who have suffered large losses as a result of the neglect or misconduct of stockbrokers, investment advisors, analysts, and other financial professionals. We have the knowledge, experience and financial resources to successfully stand up to the largest financial corporations and insurance companies, while taking a personal approach to representing our clients.

If you have fallen victim to fraud, there is still hope. Call Chapman Albin for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your claim.