The Investor’s Watchdog

The Investor's Watchdog

Richard Braverman of Lancaster, PA Sold GPB Investments to Customers

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The attorneys at ChapmanAlbin are investigating former Geneos Wealth Management financial advisor Rich Braverman of Lancaster, PA. Mr. Braverman currently heads Braverman Financial Associates, also in Lancaster, PA. According to GPB victims who contacted ChapmanAlbin, a Cleveland based law firm, Mr. Braverman held seminars to pitch investments in GPB. Many of the individuals who attended Mr. Braverman’s GPB seminars invested and incurred financial losses.

ChapmanAlbin currently represents families who suffered losses in GPB Holdings. Our clients lost their life savings as a result of their financial advisor’s recommendation to invest in GBP. It is the responsibility of financial advisors and their brokerage firms to make sure that all investment recommendations to investors are suitable. Financial advisors are heavily incentivized to sell GPB investments to their customers.  According to regulatory filings, financial advisers sold $1.5 billion of these high-risk private placements offered by GPB Capital Holdings (GPB Capital Holding’s funds include GPB Cold Storage, GPB Automotive Fund, GPB Automotive Income, GPB Holdings II and III, GPB Waste Management and BGP NY Development). Recently, a former compliance officer from one of these broker-dealers came forward as a whistleblower to allege that GPB Holdings should have never been approved for sale.  According to the whistleblower’s allegation, GPB should not have been approved for sale to retail customers because, “GPB Capital Holdings, LLC, were utilizing investor funds to monetize personal business interest.”

If you invested in a GPB Capital fund or investment, we may be able to help you recover the money you lost. Since 1998, our team of attorneys has been fighting for victims of investment fraud and broker misconduct. If you need advice from an attorney who will fight for you, call ChapmanAlbin LLC at 1-877-410-8172 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Author: John S. Chapman

John S. Chapman is a Principal at ChapmanAlbin, the investor rights law firm. He has spent over twenty years fighting for investors who have been harmed due to broker misconduct. John and the attorneys at ChapmanAlbin have helped recover millions in lost investor savings, and continue to fight for rights of investors across the country.

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