Dear John Chapman,

Dear John Chapman,

My financial advisor sold me bonds that are very poorly rated and have high fees.

She did not tell me about the fees or that there is an early withdrawal fee of 1%. What options do I have?

-Misled Martha

Dear Misled,

Your financial advisor must provide complete, factual information on any purchase or sale that they recommend so that you can make an informed decision. This includes all of the risks and fees associated. If your advisor provided inaccurate information or concealed facts about the transactions, you may be able to hold her liable for losses suffered as a direct result of the misrepresentations or omissions.

John Chapman

John S. Chapman

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I was a so-called investor in a stock that was $1.00 per share with a minimum investment of $10,000.

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My father and mother lost over $350,000 of their life savings with XX.

What’s the first step they have to take in order to recover?


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