Dear John Chapman,

Dear John Chapman,

My financial advisor lost me a lot of money

and I want to sue her for negligence. How does the lawyer get paid?

-Hopeful Holly

Dear Hopeful,

In most cases, the attorney is compensated on a contingency fee basis. Our contingency fee is based on recovery. We advance costs of suit and if we prevail, you pay us a percentage of the recovery for our time and efforts and reimburse us for case expenses. If we lose, we eat the costs and you owe us nothing.

John Chapman

John S. Chapman

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Dear John Chapman,

I have suffered a loss of over $200,000 from XX.

My advisor had me too heavily weighted in these individual bonds for my portfolio and for my age (70 years). I am...

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Dear John Chapman,

My broker took an unusually high commission on a transaction.

Can I sue?


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