Dear John Chapman,

Dear John Chapman,

I was a so-called investor in a stock that was $1.00 per share with a minimum investment of $10,000.

I was in a group of local people that all put in money to reach that amount. I only invested $500 and I received a certificate of stock that I have in my safe. It sounds like it was a scam. Is there anything I can do?

-Grouchy Gordon

Dear Grouchy,

While $500 may be too small for most attorneys to handle, you can contact your local authorities if you suspect a scam, including the police. If you want to pursue claims against the salesperson or issuer of the stock, you could try to bring a suit with everyone involved as a group. Another avenue would be to call your local legal aid society which may have an attorney who would be willing to take on the case at no cost to you.

John Chapman

John S. Chapman

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