UBS Puerto Rico Bond Fund Fraud

The experienced team of investor rights attorneys at Chapman LLC are closely monitoring the situation that is presently unfolding in Puerto Rico regarding debt obligations issued by the island. Puerto Rico has been experiencing financial problems for years and recently defaulted on some of its debt offerings while much more of the debt issued by Puerto Rico has suffered significant losses.

The economic crisis in Puerto Rico has left investors in the island’s debt offerings with potentially large losses.  Many investors have exposure to Puerto Rican debt through either direct purchases of Puerto Rican municipal debt obligations or a host of closed-end bond funds that were loaded up on Puerto Rican debt. One of the largest participants in issuing Puerto Rican debt is UBS Financial Services.

The list of UBS Puerto Rico Bond Funds include the following:

  • Puerto Rico AAA Portfolio Bond Fund I & II, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico AAA Portfolio Target Maturity Fund, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico GNMA & US Government Target Maturity Fund, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Mortgage-Backed & US Government Securities Fund, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Fixed Income Fund I-VI, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Investors Tax-Free Fund I-VI, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Investors Tax-Free Target Maturity Fund I & II, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Investors Bond Fund I
  • Tax-Free Puerto Rico Fund I & II, Inc.
  • Tax-Free Puerto Rico Target Maturity Fund, Inc.

If you experienced losses to your investments in Puerto Rican municipal debt obligations or bond funds containing Puerto Rican municipal bonds that your broker recommended, you have rights and may be entitled to a recovery by filing claims in FINRA Arbitration.  The brokerage firm has a team of attorneys on its side and so should you.   If you would like a free, no obligation, initial consultation regarding your potential claims against your broker or brokerage firm, please call our office today at 877-410-8172 to speak with an investor rights attorney experienced in representing investors in FINRA arbitration proceedings.

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